Revised Power Subsidy Scheme Delhi

 Revised Power Subsidy Scheme Delhi :- Delhi Government has enacted a revised power subsidy scheme for the benefit of the power consumers of Delhi (Revised Power Subsidy Scheme). Under this scheme, all domestic consumers will have to pay the minimum cost. Under this scheme, the government will be billed for 400 units till the rate of Rs 2 per unit. Apart from this, consumers who consume only 100 units per month They will be given a subsidy of 100 rupees to the consumers.

 Revised Power Subsidy Scheme Delhi

With this modified (revised) plan, about 41 lakh registered power connections holders will be benefitted in Delhi. With this amendment, this decision to expand the existing subsidy scheme has been taken in the Delhi Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Consumers using revised 100 to 400 units in this subsidy will be benefitted.

Subsidy details issued by Delhi Government

* According to the subsidy details issued by the Delhi government, household consumers with a kilowatt signage load of up to 1 kilowatt power spent in the month if 50 units came, then the first bill was Rs. 156.91. But now their bill will go up to Rs 115.84, saving them Rs 41.07.

* Consumers with a load of 2 kilowatt sensation loads will now be able to spend between 100 to 150 units of power up to 18 to 60 rupees. But, on this same sankshand load, 300 to 400 units of electricity will be saved from 71 to 143 rupees per month.

* If you spend 400 units of 3 kW Sensing load, then they will have to pay more than 25 rupees more than before.

* But those who have 4 kilowatt sensation loads will be required to pay Rs. 91 more for 400 units of monthly expenditure.

Detail of Delhi Revised Power Subsidy Yojana 2018

In March this year, the DERC (Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission) increased fixed charges but reduced the unit fee per electricity. The existing 50% electricity subsidy scheme of Delhi Government was different for consumption of 400 units. Some important features and details of this revised electricity subsidy scheme are given here.

* Through the Delhi Revised Power Subsidy Yojana, electricity bills of about 41 lakh registered electricity connections will be reduced.
* Under this revised power subsidy scheme, the Delhi government will provide electricity at a reduced cost of Rs 2 per unit for 400 units per month.

* Delhi Government will also provide subsidy of Rs. 100 per month on fixed electricity tariff for domestic consumers.
* This is the only scheme for consumers who are consuming 100 units per month.

* Delhi Government has ownership utilities like Rs 8,000 crore DTL and IPGCL-PPCL.
* The Delhi Government will directly credit this subsidy to the accounts of these government-owned utilities.
* There has not been an increase in electricity tariff in Delhi for the past two years.

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