Solar Fencing Scheme Himachal

Himachal Solar Fencing Scheme : Himachal Pradesh Government has started the Himachal Solar Fencing Scheme for farmers. Under this scheme, subsidy of up to 85 percent for solar fencing will be available to the farmers. The government has notified its notification. The Department of Agriculture has also implemented this scheme. The government recently announced the plan in its budget speech. Under this scheme introduced during the Congress regime, the farmers had given a budget of 30 crore for solar fencing in the fields but now the budget has been increased.

Apply for Himachal Solar Fencing Scheme / Yojana


हिमाचल सोलर फेंसिंग योजना


So far, 80% subsidy was provided to the farmers for Solar Fencing Himachal Solar Fencing Yojana in the state. The Department of Agriculture has given the list of solar fencing to some listed companies. So farmers can apply to avail this scheme as soon as possible. After getting the application to the government, these companies will plant solar fencing on farmers.

Objective of Himachal Solar Fencing Scheme

* Under this scheme, farmers have to deposit only 20 percent of the total cost of solar fencing in the department.

* Despite the 80 per cent subsidy, farmers had to pay a lot of money as part of their 20 percent farmer’s share, so the government has increased the amount of subsidy for farmers in this scheme.

* If three or more farmers collect and collectively collect solar fencing, then only 15 percent of the farmer should be given the same. And they will get subsidy upto 85 percent from the government.

* In addition to giving benefits of this scheme to three or more farmers in the Chief Minister’s farm protection scheme, a budget of Rs 35 crores has been made this year.

How to Apply for Solar Fencing Scheme

* To take advantage of this scheme, the beneficiary will have to go to the official website.

* The beneficiary will have to fill the application form for this scheme.

* After filling the form, it will be submitted in the Agriculture Department.

Himachal Solar Fencing Scheme, Chief Minister Farm Protection Scheme,हिमाचल सोलर फेंसिंग योजना/ मुख्यमंत्री खेत संरक्षण योजना

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