PNG / LPG Sahay Yojana  in Gujarat

PNG / LPG Sahay Yojana  in Gujarat  :- The Gujarat Government has started PNG / LPG subsidy scheme for providing subsidized pipe natural gas to BPL families. Under this scheme, the state government will provide a subsidy of Rs 1,600 for each BPL family on each connection. In addition to this, the government will provide 1725 consumers who want to get a new PNG connection to them also.

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For this PNG / LPG scheme, provision of subsidy of Rs. 72 crores to BPL beneficiaries has been made. If this scheme is successful in the state compared to the government then PNG / LPG subsidy scheme will be run in the entire country. The PNG / LPG subsidy scheme is an extension of Prime Minister Modi’s bright plan.

This plan is completely replacing kerosene and will provide cleaner fuel to BPL families. Gujarat is the first state to launch a PNG scheme for families of selected urban areas (Antyodaya Anna scheme) and BPL (below poverty line) families across the country. Since the bright scheme does not cover urban AE / BPL families.

That’s why this plan will complement the bright plan. Initially, around 2.32 lakh urban AAE / BPL families will be benefitted with the help of city gas distribution companies and state-owned oil marketing companies during 2018-19.

Subsidized PNG to BPL / AAY Families – PNG / LPG Sahay Yojana

* Under the scheme, the state government will pay Rs 1,600 as a subsidy once per connection. The government will also provide Rs 1,725 ​​to the customers as a loan to get a new PNG connection.

* The beneficiaries will have to pay 118 rupees for PNG / LPG connection. At the end of the security deposit will be 50 rupees / 100 months per month.

* The state government will run 25,000 km pipeline network in the cities. Under this scheme, 1.8 million households in Gujarat are connected to PNG.

* In the next phase of this pilot project, this scheme will also be expanded in other Municipal Corporations and Districts.

* New PNG / LPG Sahay Scheme 2018 is basically for BPL families in urban areas where gas distribution network already exists.


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