Matribhasha Satyagrahi Pension Haryana

Haryana Matrabhasha Satyagrahi Pension Yojana – The Haryana Government announced the Haryana Matrabhasha Satyagrahi Pension Yojana for those who participated in the 1957 Hindi movement. Under this scheme, the State Government will provide a monthly pension of Rs 10,000 for Matribhasha Satyagrahis. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that Matribhasha Satyagrahis was identified by constituting committees in all the districts of the state under the chairmanship of the concerned Deputy Commissioners.

Matribhasha Satyagrahi Pension Haryana

On the launch of this scheme the spokesman said that in 1957, Hindi-speaking parts of many parts of East Punjab started a campaign for respect, promotion, and implementation of their mother tongue. The committees got their records from the jails confirming the record of Matribhasha Satyagraha verified by the Superintendent Police. The government has already identified 194 Satyagrahis.

Benefits under Matribhasha Satyagrahi Pension Haryana
* 10,000 monthly pension to participants of Hindi Aandolan 1957.
* If the Satyagrahis has died, the monthly pension will be allotted to wife/ husband of him/ her.
* Also those are getting such type of pension from other state government, then also he/ she is eligible.

* At present there is no official news and announcement from officials from when the scheme start. While it is expect that the Haryana Pension to people under this scheme will be soon after identification of beneficiaries.
* Monthly pension, daily, evening, weekly, fortnightly and monthly news papers, news agencies, radio stations and accredited media persons of news channels above 60 years will be given with at least 20 years of experience in the field of journalism.

* Media person should also be recognized at least in the last five years with State Information, Public Relations and Languages Department.
* The spokesman said that in the case of the death of the beneficiary media, the monthly pension will be given to your spouse, as the matter may be.
* If he is not getting any salary, wages, pension or any other regular financial assistance from any organization or state government
* He said that in case of death of any ‘Satyagraha’, the monthly pension will be given to his surviving spouse.

* Confirming the records of the committees from the jails, the superintendent of police got the record of ‘Madhheribhasha Satyagraha’ verified by the police.
* This movement helped a lot in the formation of Haryana as a separate state.
* During this Satyagraha, Mr. Sumer Singh, resident of New Bans village of Rohtak district also lost his life.

Haryana government also launched pension scheme for journalists while giving details of Pension Scheme for journalists, the spokesman said that the Cabinet approved to provide a monthly pension of Rs.10,000 to the accredited media persons of daily, evening, weekly, fortnightly, monthly newspapers, news agencies, Radio stations, news channels above the age of 60 years with at least 20 years of experience in the field of journalism. The media person should also have been accredited with State’s Information, Public Relations and Languages Department for at least last five years.


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