MAA (Mothers’ Absolute Affection) Yojana in Himachal Pradesh

MAA (Mothers’ Absolute Affection) Yojana in Himachal Pradesh:- Health Minister Vipin Parmar launched MAA (Mothers’ Absolute Affection) program in the state to promote the practice of breastfeeding for newborns and infants during a function organized by the Health Department today. Speaking on the occasion, the minister said that the main objective of the “MAA” program was to promote breastfeeding, to provide knowledge to mother, husband and family members and to improve the survival of children, the form of parents and newborns It was necessary to ensure a competent environment for breastfeeding.

He said that breastfeeding is the most important and effective intervention that a mother can give to a child. It also helps to reduce infant mortality and childhood mortality incidents. Parmar said that IMR was 25 in Himachal Pradesh against the national average of 34 IMR in Himachal Pradesh was 25 against the national average of 34. He said that the need for nutrition for the child will be shared with the community through MAA program for the first two years of life.

MAA (Mothers’ Absolute Affection) Yojana in Himachal Pradesh

He urged the Chief Medical Officers to monitor their implementation and impact to achieve the goal of healthy children in the state. He said that the main component of the MAA program is to create community awareness, strengthen inter-personal communication through hope, Skilled support for breastfeeding at public health facilities and distribution points at work locations. Principal Secretary Health Prabodh Saxena stressed that the state government intends to reach every facility, every newborn and every mother through this program.

MAA (Mothers’ Absolute Affection) Yojana in Himachal Pradesh .

Only 50 percent of institutional deliveries receive benefits in the beginning of breastfeeding, only 60 percent of infants were breast-fed in six months in Himachal Pradesh. On the other hand, six months later, only 40 percent of infants were started on the diet. He said that this program will ensure that 100% target beneficiaries have been benefited by the induced and trained health workers. The MAA program will focus on the training of every health care provider on the nutrition of infants and young children, he said. State Program Officer Dr. Mangala Sood highlighted the operating part of the MAA program and how it will be implemented in Himachal Pradesh.

Features of MAA Programme 2018

* One of the most important features of the above mentioned plan is that it will help eliminate child mortality for children below five years.

* Under the new government scheme, the State Government has been motivated to educate mothers that breastfeeding is the basic right for every child and every child needs to use it at a young age.

* To make the implementation more effective, the state government officials will have to offer pregnant women and lactating mother at the correct level of training.

* Under the program, the government will provide all necessary support and guidance to the family members and husband of pregnant women and lactating mothers.

* The aim of the government is to educate mothers about the nutritional benefits of mother’s milk and her role in preventing death, poverty and disease.

* The Government also aims to provide the optimum level of support even after counseling to various health centers and systems through the awareness program.

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