Haryana Farmers Solar Based Tubewell Scheme / Yojana

Haryana Farmers Solar Based Tubewell Scheme / Yojana :- The Haryana government is going to implement solar based tube well for the development of farmers crops and doubling their arrival. Under this scheme, the state government will plant six lakh solar energy tubewells for the farmers. This solar powered tube wells pump will be able to generate additional income for the farmers and generate electricity.

The Haryana government will provide power subsidy of Rs. 7000 crore to the farmers. This solar subsidy scheme is a major step towards “doubling the income of the farmer till 2022”. The objective of the government is to reduce the level of pollution in the state by operating the solar powered tube scheme. In order to promote solar power, this initiative will ensure adequate power supply, water over time for irrigation, additional income and reduce the pollution to a great extent.

Haryana Farmers Solar Based Tubewell Scheme / Yojana Online Application

Government will launch this solar energy subsidy scheme for efficient execution in phases. Information about providing solar energy subsidy to farmers and other guidelines for the scheme will be given soon. This scheme will help the farmers to earn more income.

Objective of Solar Based Tubewell Scheme

Tube wells are an important part of the agricultural sector and are an essential component for irrigation purposes. By providing electricity subsidy to the farmers, they will be encouraged to install solar panels for tubewells. Important features and key features of this solar subsidy scheme are as follows: –

* About six lakh tube wells will be added to solar power for the farmers in the state.
* Farmers will be able to use solar energy as per their requirement and will even be able to sell additional surplus power generated.

* This new solar powered tube-well plan will help the farmers to earn additional income to increase their living standards.
* The primary purpose of the pump plan from this solar powered tube is to make the farmers productive rather than consumer.

* Haryana Government will provide power subsidy of Rs.7000 crore to the farmers.
* After the 15th finance commission meeting of the government is planning to implement this solar subsidy scheme as soon as possible.


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