Coconut Subsidy Scheme / Yojana Goa

Coconut Subsidy Scheme / Yojana Goa 2018-19:- Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has announced the Coconut Subsidy Scheme 2018 -19. Under this scheme the CM has announced to offer subsidy rate on the sale of coconuts within the state. the latest updates the CM has launched the new scheme with an aim to boost the sales of coconuts for some time.

Coconut Subsidy Scheme / Yojana Goa 2018-19 

Objective of Coconut Subsidy Scheme.
* The growing demand for coconut and the increase in coconut prices has led to the subsidy scheme.
* The Goa Coconut Subsidy Scheme has been started on 1st February, 2018.

* To keep a record of this scheme, ration card sticker will be placed behind the LPG card.
* The Goa government will run this scheme for two months.

* A person can get subsidy of upto 30 coconut a month.
* The main purpose of this scheme is to provide coconut to the people at cheaper rates.

Coconut Subsidy Scheme Yojana Goa

Benefit of Coconut Subsidy Scheme / Yojana 2018/19

* State Govt. provide benefits to all the common people
* Keeping the high prices of the coconuts in mind, the Government of Goa decided to implement this Plan.

* And the people can get the coconuts from any of the Goa State Horticulture Limited outlets.
* Starting from 1 February 2018, the scheme will be forced in the act

* Starting from 1 February 2018, all the citizens can get the benefits of this Yojana.

* Goa State Horticulture Limited is going to take part and looks after this Yojana.

* Government mentions that they are providing 1.5 lakh coconut in each outlet.

* And all the necessary measures to implement these schemes are done by the Government of Goa.
* Now this scheme all the citizens will get the coconut at Rs.20 / 18/15.

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