Asmita Scheme Maharashtra Apply for Free Sanitary Pads – Online Application Form

Asmita Scheme Maharashtra Apply for Free Sanitary Pads – Online Application Form :-  Maharashtra government has started Asmita Yojana to distribute subsidized sanitary napkins to rural women. Under Asmita Scheme Sponsor Maharashtra, the government will provide sanitary pads only to teenage girls. 5. Accordingly, no one can get Rs. Become 182.40 (minimum) for one year and one assimen sponsor. To become an online sponsor, the candidate can fill the application form through the official website of the Mahasamitra.

Online Application form for Asmita Yojana Sponsor

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that due to the lack of proper care during menstruation, there have been many health related problems related to reproduction in women and girls. In order to overcome these problems, the Maharashtra government will provide sanitary napkins to women under the Asmita Yojana. The Maharashtra Government has launched Asmita Scheme Maharashtra for women and girls. After this, the government will provide sanitary pads to girls in rural areas at very low prices. This scheme promotes cleanliness and hygiene among women during the menstrual cycle and also improves health.

This scheme is meant to stop women’s identity (pride) and thus will result in “women’s empowerment”. Accordingly, Asmita Yojana will reduce the rate of dropout in the state. This Government of Maharashtra Government will benefit all women students from 11 to 19 years of age to maintain private hygiene. Maharashtra Government has launched a new portal for Asmita Yojana Maharashtra. Now people can contribute voluntarily (minimum 182.40 rupees) and become an online assimilation sponsor through this link. See Asmita Scheme Sponsor Online Application.

Maharashtra Asmita Scheme Details

* This scheme is only for women resident of Maharashtra.
* Under this scheme, the state government of Maharashtra will provide cleanliness to women in rural areas.

* Under this scheme, a packet of sanitary napkins for girls will be given to girls in rural areas and government schools.
* This scheme will be implemented through Asmita Yojana Self Help Groups.

* Under this scheme two types of packets will be provided to the rural women for Rs 24 and Rs 29 for the sale of subsidized sanitary napkins to girls belonging to 11 to 19 years of age in government schools.
* The purpose of this scheme will be to create awareness about sanitation in rural women.

* The Maharashtra government also informed that girls who are studying in Zilla Parishad Schools can get this Pad 5 bucks.
* The government is going to launch a new app soon to make the Pad distribution plan easier.

* Women and girls will be helped to maintain private hygiene in Asmita Yojana.
* Rural Development Department will act as a nodal agency to distribute sanitary napkins for women.

* The scheme will be implemented with the help of Women’s Self-help group. The primary objective is to increase the percentage of women using the sanitary pad which is currently 17%.
* Thus, Asimita Yojana will help the girls to maintain cleanliness and thereby decrease fertility complications. Apart from this, the government is going to create awareness about this scheme.


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